(6.3) Entwickeln des Projektteams

(6.3.1) Process Input

... generated by predecessor processes

(6.3.2) Process Definition

Develop Project Team is the process for "[...] improving the competencies and interaction of team members to enhance project performance"   (comp. PMBOK3, p. 199), which particularly includes the "improvement of skills" and the "improvement of feelings of trust and cohesiveness among team members" (comp. PMBOK3, p. 202)

The subject Human Resource Management operates on the base of other human resources concerning concepts

(6.3.3) Tools and Techniques

PMBOK Mentioned Methods

  • General management skills - also known as soft skills - are methods of the project manager and the members of the project management team for improving the communication and the behavior in-between the team members.
  • Team-building activities are group activities which improve the feelings to be a unit. One of those activities is for example the development of the WBS, although "[...] not explicitely designed as team-building activity, (it) can increase team cohesiveness [...]".
  • Ground roules "[...]  establish clear expectations reagarding acceptable behavoir by project team members".
  • Co-location is a method to improve the communication between the members by placing them in the physical location, sometimes especially named as "war room".
  • Recognition and rewards are methods to improve the behavior by motivating the acting persons.

(comp. PMBOK3, pp. 213f)

Open Source Tools

  • NN

(6.3.4) Process Output

  • Team Performance Assessment evaluates and documents the result of the tools and techniques

(6.3.5) Output Using Successor Processes

Successors using the initially generated output as own input(1):

  1. For details see FAQ::Q001:1