State of Evaluation

(VI) Open Source Project Management Software

myPmps describes Open Source Project Management Software with respect to the PMI knowledge areas and the internal structure of the project management process. Each piece of software is characterized twice:

  • On the one hand a short textual description specifies the main intention of the reviewed project management software and offers links to some important corresponding webpages.
  • On the other hand each described project management application is refered by one line of the PMI based classifcation table. In this line each project management sub process is marked by a cross if the application seems to support the subprocess.

The final aim of myPmps is a qualified list of open source project management software and a map into the set of "cards" describing the project management sub processes. Therefore myPmps must find candidates of open source project management software. There are three ways to jump onto the myPmps-Software-List:

  • Firstly we are reviewing software hosted by Sourceforge and categorized under the topic project mangement software. This will be a long - perhaps never ending - systematically organized story: myPmps starts with A, ends with Z and loops back to A.
  • Secondly we are scanning the net by the keywords "open source software" and "project management". This could also become a long and probably not ending story. But it is surely a randomly organized process.
  • Thirdly we are listening to recommendations: if anyone wants to push his or anyone others software onto the myPmps-Software-List then he is invited to send a little message to containing the name, a link and perhaps a short justification.

Last but not least we should explain which kind of project management software can become member of the myPmps-Software-List:

  1. The application must be open source software in the sense of the open source initiative or the free software foundation.
  2. The software should already be usable in a practical sense
  3. The software should still be maintained