• As already annotated on the Project Cost Management money is not the most present aspect in the discussion of open source software and free software. But having free software which supports the Project Cost Management Process and the Project Procurement Management Process would surely be an advantage... perhaps also for those free software developers which already are paid by a project.

Project Procurement Management

The Project Procurement Management "[...] includes the processes to purchase or acquire the products, services, or results needed from outside the project team to perform the work". An organization can either be the buyer or the seller of these products, services and so on. And the procurement management includes the contract management and the change control processes "[...] required to administer contracts or purchase orders issued by authorized team members". And like some of the other knowledge areas the Project Procurement Management contains an internal structure strictly following the pattern of «plan», «execute», and «control»:

(comp. PMBOK3, page 269)