Enterprise environmental factors in this context refer to the external rules and conditions "[...] that surround and influence the project's success" (comp. PMBOK3, page 87 u. 83).

• And Organizational process assets in this context refer to "[...] formal and informal policies, pocedures, plans, and guidelines, whose effects must be consired" (comp. PMBOK3, page 87 u. 84)

(1.2) Entwickeln der vorläufigen Beschreibung des Projektinhalts und -umfangs

(1.2.1) Process Input

... generated by predecessor processes

... introduced by external units

  • Project Statement of Work
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Organizational Process Assets

(1.2.2) Process Definition

Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement is the process for "[...] developing the preliminary scope statement that provides a high level scope narrative" (comp. PMBOK3, p. 78). The project scope statement finally defines the project, in the sense "[...] what needs to be accomplish". The preliminary scope statement is a pre-version of the  project scope statement on a higher level: It's the answer of the project manager. It expresses how the project manager is understanding the  project charter. Therefore

"The Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement process adresses and documents the characteristics and boundaries of the project and its associated poducts and services, as well as the methods  of acceptance and scope control." (comp. PMBOK3, p. 86)

(1.2.3) Tools and Techniques

PMBOK Mentioned Methods

  • Project Management Methodology is a set of methodologies aiding the project management team "[...] in developing and controlling changes to the preliminary project scope statement"
  • Project Management Information System is the set of software and tools "[...] used by the project management team so support generation of a preliminary scope statement"
  • Expert Judgement is used to translate the language of the sponsor into the new langauge of the project.

(comp. PMBOK3, pp. 87f)

Open Source Tools

  • myPmpsFactory offers a structered template for preliminary project scope statements. This template can be edited by Open Office 3 (Impress)

(1.2.4) Process Output

  • The Preliminary Project Scope Statement "[...] is developed from information provided by the initiator or sponsor". The Project Charter is the source for such kind of information. Therefore, the Preliminary Project Scope Statement is the first answer of the project manager to the project sponsor. It mirrors what the project manager has understood.

(comp. PMBOK3, pp. 87f)

(1.2.5) Output Using Successor Processes

Successors using the initially generated output as own input(1):

  1. For details see FAQ::Q001:1