Q002: Why are some open source project management software packages somtimes not qualified or even listed by myPmps?

myPmps evaluates applications on the base of 3 rules:


  1. The application must be open source software in the sense of the open source initiative or the free software foundation.
  2. The software should already be usable in a practical sense
  3. The software should still be maintained

Hence we have to respect some facts:

  1. On the one hand open source software is sometimes merely planned. Therefore it is not really senseful to offer such a package to project manager who want to use the software now.
  2. On the other hand open source software is sometimes no longer maintained. In this case it is also not really senseful to offer the software package to project manager: a project manager should never ride a dead horse.
  3. And finally we are talking about projects in the sense of PMI: a project must have a specific start and end point. But in the open source community one commonly specifies each work of a developer as project. Hence in this sense software like sourceforge itself or like subversion seems to project management software. And sometimes such piece of software itself explicitely announces that it shall support project management (like bedugul). But we want to review software which shall support the work of a PMI project manager with respect to the Knowledge Areas