(VII.C) myPmpsFactory : Download

myPmpsFactory-Zipfile for Linux and Windows

The manually customizable myPmpsFactory package is offered as zipfile. It contains the whole pmi directory structure and all template documents. You find the documents inside of those process directories by which they are generated. Unzip the file and you have already your complete project directory. But it doesn't contain any links. And the template files must be customized manually.

myPmpsFactory-x.y.z.tar.gz for Linux

The automatically customizable myPmpsFactory is offered as complete GNU software package installable by 'configure, make, make install'. It contains the script to generate (= to initialize ) the directory tree and all template documents. And it contains a script to customize the generated tree automatically on the base of a specific configuration file.


Beside the two software packages we also offer the whole myPmps-Site as zip file: it's easier to download this packages than to use wget ;-)


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Result of the myPmpsFactory-init- and -fill-scripts: directory and templates for manual adjustment and customization: mypmpsfactory-manu-0.8.7.zip mypmpsfactory-manu-0.8.7.zip
The complete myPmpsFactory-package including the init-, fill- and customize-scriptes, the templates and the documentation and examples: mypmpsfactory-0.8.7.tar.gz mypmpsfactory-0.8.7.tar.gz
The complete myPmps-Site describing the pmi processes and the open source software links: mypmps-0.8.7.zip mypmps-0.8.7.zip


myPmps 0.8.7

myPmps expanded by a self reflexive examples.  myPmpsFactioy expanded by a complete risk management.

myPmps 0.8.6

First german templates integrated into myPmpsFactory. Templates for activity durance estimation expanded by pert based estimations.

myPmps 0.8.5

Preparations for seperating PMBOK3 and PMBOK4 based myPmps representations. Little optical improvements. myPmpsFactory reimplemented as php application.

myPmps 0.8.0

First major release offering the following improvements:

  • external configuration file for the fill-  and customize-scripts
  • different types of WBS / Activity-List documents
    • simple sepearated files
    • simple integrated file
    • sophisticated file
  • complete risk management plan
  • links or textual references to the generated documents integrated into the updating process directories

myPmps 0.7.1

Initial release containing

  • the complete site which explains the pmi processes,
  • the first classifications of open source project management software
  • the initial version of myPmpsFactory which offers
    • an initialization script for generating a pmi appropiate directory structure
    • a filling script for copying the mypmps templates into the appropiate process directories
    • a customize script for replacing patterns inside of the templates by customized values