Some Additional Remarks Concerning the Subject Human Resources Management

Following the CROSSWIND-Introduction different aspects of managing human resources can be grouped and subspecified:

  • Management Styles can be classified as:
    • charismatic: convincement by beeing a person
    • coach: leading by improvement of teams and persons
    • director: leading by directing
    • facilitator: leading by disburding the work
    • mediator: leading by finding common goals
    • mentor: leading by showing the improvement possibilities
    • visionary: leading by showing the future and the aim
  • Legitimitation power can be classified as:
    • formal: being an authority by being introduced
    • reward: being an authority by being able to reward  (best form of power, because of the win win situation)
    • penalty: being an authority by being able to punish (worst form of power)
    • expert: being an authority by having knowledge
    • referent: being an authority by having connections
  • Benefits as motivations can be classified as:
    • frings: goodies, which are given to all members and which therefore are not motivating very well
    • perks: goodies, which are given to special people and which there can motivate
  • Light theories can be classified as:
    • Halo theory is misguided and says, that those, who are good worker will become good manager too
    • Expectance theory says, that those, who "[...] work a great deal [...] assume that the reward will be relative to the amount of effort", and that they perhaps may be disappointed by the reality
  • Project Phases can be classified as:
    • forming: becoming a team
    • storming: try and error, discussion and conflicts
    • norming: pacification by rule introduction
    • performing: effective work.

(comp. CROSSWIND7, pp. 360ff)

And following the RITA-Introduction these aspects have to be replenished by some definitions:

  • Resource Histogramm "[...] is a graph that shows the number of resources used per time period and is displayed in a bar chart format".
  • Recognition and Reward System should be a clear and reasonable system of physical and mental gratifications or affirmations for being able "to motivate the team": "The project manager takes his knowledge of the needs of the stakeholders and then creates (such) a reward system" based on concrete and reachable tragets and conditions.

(comp. RITA5, pp. 276f)