myPmpsProject as its own example

Little myPmps Roadmap

0.1.0 :- Initialization [- 01/07]
0.4.0 :- Basic development [- 06/08]
0.6.0 :- OS Integration [- 01/09]
0.7.0 :- release [- 03/09]
0.8.5 :- myPmpsFactory release [- 06/09]
0.8.6 :- Linux Day improvements [- 09/09]
0.8.7 :- PMI imporvements [- 11/09]
0.9.0 :- PMBOK-4.0 upgrades [- 12/09]
0.9.5 :- Cost improvements [- 01/10]
1.0.0 :- Scope completion [- 02/10]
1.1.0 :- Project management [- 03/10]

myPmps: the Preliminary Project Scope Statement

The main idea of myPmps is this: Project Management in the sense of PMI is more than juggling tasks and timeslots. It's a complete profession operating on nine knowledge areas. And therefore it should be possible to support the complete profession by open source software. For offering such a service myPmps contains three parts:

¹) A complete site following and describing the structure of project management (sub) processes defined by the PMBOK of the PMI (This site can also be used as entry into the world of PMI)
²) A classification of existing open source project management software with respect to the PMBOK structure (This classification can be used to find open source software for the PMI knowledge areas)

³) A set of documents, scripts and applications offered as complete myPmpsFactory which shall fill gaps in the exsting open source supply. This factory contains to types of data: The included documents shall be usable as well prepared templates for process output. And the scripts shall be able to generate and customize whole prefilled project directories