myPmpsProject as its own example


myPmps shall not be published to replace the reading of full qualified project management books. It shall be an addon, which builds a bridge from the world of PMI® into the world of Open Source Software and Free Software. For being able to understand the full context of Project Management and the work of a PMP® a hint to the Project Management Institute shall be integrated. And for getting more information a little list of links and literature shall be offered.

Historical Remark

At first in the year 2006 myPmps (formerly known as gnuPmps) has been developed as an e-learning system. It was only a prototype which should help to become a certified PMP®. During the year 2007 the author tried to find a strictly PMI orientied site which offers open source project management software. And that's the mystery of the success of the open source community: what you miss you must create :)

myPmps: the Project Statement of Work

myPmps - mind your Project Management Process Scout - shall become a bridge between the PMI based standard project management processes and methodology on the one hand and that free opensource software on the other hand, which has been developed to support the work of project manager.

myPmps - an abbreviation for mind your Project Management Process Scout - shall describe a complete set of free project management software. The completeness shall be evaluted by following the process standards of the Project Management Institute and its Project Management Body of Knowledge. If you want to manage a project on the base of free or open source project management software then myPmps should be a good pool of information - for finding software and for finding knowledge how to use this software in the context of a professional project management. If you are asked how to do the project management work with open source software you should want to answer: Goto myPmps.

All these targets are also embedded into the project charter os myPmpsProject. And - later on - you will also be able to download this corresponding project charter as an example.