Extended usecases to be fulfilled of the second phase of myPmpsProject

UC-ID UC-Name & Description wished by state since/for
UC11 German myPmpsFactory Templates Linux-Tag-09 Visitor REALIZED 2009-08-09
The user of myPmpsFactory shall be able to select the language used by the project management directory and the project management documents. For the moment the two languages English and German shall be offered.
UC12 myPmps as its own Example myself IN PROGRESS 2010-02-??
The completion of myPmps and myPmpsFactory shall be planned and managed as a project myPmpsProject. The project management work shall be done with the tools ans techniques offered and/or described by maPmpsFactory or myPmps
UC13 Trustabilty System for myPmps Classifyings myself PLANNED 2009-12-??
The user of myPmps shall be able to recognize the degree of trustability of a classifying proposition. This trustability system shall differentiate at least between heard or read propositions, believably reported propositions and personally tested propositions.
UC14 Knowledge Area Management Plans myself PLANNED 2010-02-??
myPmpsFactory shall contain a management plan for the most important knowledge areas, namely a scope management plan, a time management plan, a cost management plan, a communication management plan and a risk management plan.
UC15 myPmps PMBOK 4.0 Conversion myself PLANNED 2009-12-??
The user of myPmps shall get PMBOK 4.0 adequate informations (instead of the actually used PMBOK 3.0 informations).
UC16 myPmpsFactory PMBOK 4.0 Conversion myself PLANNED 2009-12-??
The user of myPmpsFactory shall get a project directory being generated in the sense of PMBOK 4.0.
UCO17 Extended OS PM Softwareliste myself PLANNED 2010-02-??
The user of myPmps shall find the at least thirty most important project management open source applications in the list and in the classifying table.
UC18 Earned Value Based Document Set myself CANDIDATE 2010-01-??
The user of myPmpsFactory shall get project management directory containing a balanced set of documents which together allow a project management based on the Earned Value Technique
UC19 Risk Management Documents myself Completed 2009-11-04
The user of myPmpsFactory shall get a set of risk management documents by which he can start his risk management out of the box. This set shall particulary contain a risk management plan, and a risk register.
UC20 Cost Management Documents myself CANDIDATE 2010-02-??
myPmpsFactory shall offer a set of cost management documents by which the pm can start his work out of the box.
UC21 PERT Based Durance Estimates myself REALIZED 2009-08-03
myPmpsFactory shall be able to deliver project management documents supporting PERT based durance estimates
UC22 Links to Re-Used Pm Documents myself IN PROGRESS 2009-12-??
Let documents which are (only) updated by a process being referred by (textual) links

myPmpsProject as its own example